by DeclarationAD

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released January 9, 2013

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Matt Livingstone.
Sam Crocker (Antagonist AD) appears on the title track.



all rights reserved


DeclarationAD Wellington

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Track Name: Voices
The voices are mixing and blurring / but a whisper as they start inching their way inside my mind / but now they're all too loud and I'm drowned out in the whitewash / the horror I wake to when the thoughts that used to chill my blood / are at home in my own head / they're taken over and they never
To speak

Do I know who I am?
When apathy has held my heart
For so long now it feels as if
My convictions have rusted over
Do I know who I am?
It's like the man I used to be is a ghost
Another life that's so far from me
Can I even look in the mirror?

The voices shape me
And I never even saw it coming
The voices shape me
I'm sunken in my apathy
The voices shape me
My identity taken from me
The voices shape me
Can I return to be the man I want to be?

To the man I want to be
Track Name: Talking Past Each Other
Everything’s a battle for public opinion
And your turn to push a viewpoint
Claim the position of authority
Deliver the killing blow to cement it
Arguments are primed and spat
With the precision of a shotgun
Because it’s better as a sound-bite
Over honest, civil interaction

We’re just talking past each other
We’re all judging by assumption

Accusations of ignorance
Are pouring from our lips
While we’re openly exhibiting
That very trait we rail against

In an attempt to bring your righteous viewpoint
You sunk to the level of those you hate

We lose sight
Of our neighbours
All we see
Are assumed agendas
They’re the enemy
Or so we’re told
But to that end
No-one can win
Track Name: Something to Someone
Forgotten by the world

Voices vying to be remembered in a crowded world
So many forgotten because they weren’t the lucky ones
It throws, you away when your day in the sun is up
And now you’re just another faceless person in the crowd

I know the fear of
Amounting to nothing
I feel the fear of
My name being forgotten

I need to be
Something to someone
I crave to be more than a
Footnote in our history

And though the world may forget my name
My Lord will call me as His own
So take the fame and its fickle fancy
I count it nothing, I count it hollow

Worth is not bound to their approval
Don’t chain yourself to their affirmation
What can they hope to take away from
One who knows where their true worth comes from

I won’t be chained to their affirmation
I’m something to someone and they can’t take that
Track Name: Endure
The weight of our convictions, it smothers us

It smothers us so we run
From the calling in our hearts
From the conviction in our bones
We’ve given into our doubts
They snatch at us so we run
From the source of all our comfort
Into the arms of demons
The enticing demons that only pull us down

(I need) More than a little courage to face today
‘Cos inside I’m just a timid child
I’m praying for the boldness to move ahead
To endure all my inner torment

Could we endure?

Take my fear
Take my pain
Take my doubt
They are Yours, I will endure
Track Name: Tomorrow
Daughters of men are starving for worth
Sons of men to grow out of their brokenness
Daily we stare that choice in the eye
To fall in line and to drag all that weight
Or be a voice of dissent to that path
To live our lives outside of that fate
Every morning I'm tied to that man
And every day his will I must break

Who will we be tomorrow?
If we don't change today
Will we be seen as angels?
Or will we have misery's face?
Who will we be tomorrow?
If we don't change today

Apathy has two feet and two hands
And a face that looks just like mine
But I cannot stay in this place and do nothing
I have to move to stay here is to die

With every choice
I will change
I won’t fall in line
To the path that’s expected of me
With every choice