Sometimes It's Us

by DeclarationAD

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We wrote an album. Then we recorded it. Then other stuff happened that we didn't do so that it could be an album. Now it's here.


released June 18, 2015

Produced by TKO & Declaration AD
Recorded & Mixed by TKO
Assistant Engineer Hamish Anderson
Recorded at STL Audio, Wellington NZ
Mastered by Collin Jordan @ The Boiler Room, Chicago USA

All songs written by Declaration AD except:
Spent, Belonging, Questioners – written with Hamish Dobbie
Better Man – written with Steve Woolley & Tom White

Guest vocals by Jai Aronsen (True North) & Jordi Zonneveld (One Outs)

Gang vocal crew – Jai Aronsen, Cam Brennan-Belworthy, Sam Blyth, Glen Ellis, Frank Grieve, Dana Henwood, Troy Knott, Mike Lewis, Hamish Morgan, Emma Plewinski, Hayley Rosser, Jonny Sarich, Vasely Sapunov, Helen Sapunova, Connor Shaw, Lesley Wild, Jordi Zonneveld & Declaration AD

Drums provided by Jacob Randall
Bass Amp provided by Hadleigh Coffey

Art direction, layout and design by Sam Coates
Concept photography by Lesley Wild
Band photo by Grace Gemuhluoglu

Declaration AD is –
Dan Drower, Dave Morrison, Kirk Hodgson, Sam Coates



all rights reserved


DeclarationAD Wellington

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Track Name: Spent
I’m a spent force, lungs are bursting
Trying to outrun my mind
Under a banner of self-reliance
I raise a flag to show my pride
I need no-one, don’t come near me
I can stand all by myself
Walk around me, a weaker species
I’m so far above the rest

I need you to know how much I don’t need you
I need you to see I’m stronger on my own
You stop listening and I’m alone again
Suddenly I find I’m not so confident

Only when I am alone can I see all the brokenness inside of me
And now I find that these tattoos and piercings cannot cover up
The little boy that I’ve been trying so hard to hide

We need each other, we need to stand together
The myth of the independent man is spent and gone
Track Name: Picket Signs and Protest Lines
Shut your mouth, speaker of falsehoods
Celebrating a soldier’s fate
Put away your signs and slogans
Your unyielding need to spread your hate

You trade the cross for the sword

The embodiment of selfless love
Stamped upon a banner of malice
Abuse horrific, against the message
I despair you claim to represent us

They see your venom
They turn away
And I wouldn’t blame them
I feel the same

And at the death of the hateful man
More hatred spewed in eulogy
The cycle continues unabated
No-one will love their enemy

You trade the cross for the sword

It catches me as much as you
Wanting to see some punishment
I lower myself down to his level
And I fail to love my enemy

I know that I should
Love my enemy
But it’s so damn hard
I’m failing every day
Track Name: Mental Hell
Your mind betrays you
It’s a prison cell
Every thought a stab-wound
Your mental hell
Driving you inward
Convinced that you’re worthless
No-one understands it
So you’re tempted to end it

If you don’t speak
Nobody will find you
And what will it come to
With no-one to hear you

Your mind betrays you
It’s a prison cell
Every thought a stab-wound
Your mental hell
But silence robs us all
And the price is high
When you’re dying inside
And your friends can’t tell

Fill your lungs to speak
Open up your mouth
Emancipate your life
From a burden deep inside
Emancipate your life
From what fear would have you hide
Emancipate your life
From a burden deep inside

Your mental hell
Track Name: Sometimes It's Us
Bare your morals, build your case to
Claim your actions measure up to
Lofty standards so you can say
You have shouldered none of the blame

But sometimes it’s us in disgust at ourselves
Acting in a way that we would condemn
Sometimes we are the ones breaking hearts and promises
Acting against our moral compasses

And I hate excuses I’ve made for myself

How do you move on?
When sorry seems so hollow
When your pious act is hard to swallow
Can you hope to be better tomorrow?
Track Name: Better Man
She lies and says she’s in love with him
The hold he has on her breaking her spirit
A man holding on to a world he controls
To be his queen she becomes a prisoner in it
Too many women settling for the ones
With a fat wallet and yet a thin conscience
Outward suave faces and dapper attire
Inwardly corrupt and abusive in essence

Oh God, make me a better man
A man to stand above these evil ways
Oh God, make me a better man
A man who knows how to love
Oh God, make me a better man
A man who gives without needing to take
Oh God, make me a better man
Living free of these vindictive games

Can’t find a better man when all that’s going
Are scumbags thinking of only one thing
Themselves, their own pleasure, and nothing more
Bending others to their malevolent will
And it won’t change while we do nothing
While we take no steps to show the world
The way a woman is meant to be treated
They’re more than objects or a notch to be won
Track Name: Belonging
Jaded crew, the old and the new
They disagree, controversy
So much fighting over who belongs in this community
Hardcore laws, metalcore flaws
Straightedge trends, all these dead ends
Grab for belonging and hold on tight
Who decides who is right?

When they don’t belong inside these walls
And all you point out are their flaws
You should’ve seen it coming
Your little empire crumbling

So are you happy now?

Fight it out over the internet
Never understand what lead us here
You have made your bed now lie in it

So are you happy now?

Set yourself up as the judge
And watch as it crumbles to dust

Track Name: Questioners
Question everything
That’s the mantra that they feed to me
Their skepticism seems enlightened
Their confidence breeds security
They sweep you up in force of word
So you will never see
Biases smuggled in under
A cover of objectivity

Who will question the questioners?
Who will expose the biases?
The position of neutrality
Is a distortion of reality

Ignorance is the brush
They smear us with so carelessly
Define my thoughts by their position
Making themselves the authority
And the masses drink it down
Without an ounce of inquiry
It’s easier to just accept
Some straw-man laden fallacies

How will they feel when you put them through
The questions they insist on asking
Of everyone except themselves?
Their immunity is not consistent
Track Name: 04-14
In a moment of honesty, showing transparently
My flaws are too real to deny
Horrified and reeling, flee from the light
Flee to the darkness, my scars try to hide
A writhing mess, a broken soul
Covered in the routines I act make me whole
Pretend nothing moves me, nothing is wrong
But just beneath the surface, I know

Heart in my hands, I’ve wandered and strayed
Held it to the winds and watched it decay
Drunk from a fountain of carnal desire
Rejected joy for the cruel comfort of mire
Lord let me see, let me see and be seen
Seen without fronts, veneers, disguises
I long to be seen and known as I am
To uncover my scars, the black soul I’ve been hiding

I cannot hide though I try
I cannot hide from the Lord at my side
All of the apathy, excuses I’ve used
I don’t want to want them, I want Spirit and Truth

Soli Deo Gloria
Soli Deo Gloria
Nothing shall ever come before
Track Name: White Collar Mind, Blue Collar Heart
Turn the tide on commercialised thinking
We can be more than what they’re pushing
Look the part to fulfill your heart
Behind the trends right from the start
Monuments to our magnificence
A lifestyle chasing opulence
But when so many are hungry
Are we not ashamed at how we chase money?

It owns us
It owns me
While we chase the good life
The poor are cast aside
My salary my security
Lip service to equality leaves me empty

A problem too big, and I’m so small
I grasp at straws, never change at all
But I refuse to let cynicism reign
Reject narcissism, I won’t turn away

Even the smallest drops move the oceans
And we’re splashing against a system so broken
I won’t flow with the tide that serves only itself
And assigns you value based on your wealth
Track Name: Enfleshed
Hope for the hopeless
Is what you stand for
Love for the unloved
Redeem and restore

And for too long we put you
Atop an imperial scheme
Forgetting that you were a person
With hands and feet like me
You’re not a hammer for the pious
To beat down the unholy
You walked among the lowly
You forsook your glory

We want to see you
As the man who used his hands
Who touched the souls of lepers
With dirt under his nails

We dress you in the robes of your accusers
We break your body for our own agendas
But I want to weep with you beside the tomb
And I want to walk with the lost
Like you showed me to

When I am lacking heart and feeling loss
I lift my head up to my saviour hanging on that cross
Track Name: Peace Be With You
My yoke is easy and my burden is light
Though you will face trials of many kinds
I am beside you in the darkest night
And I will be with you in the renewing of your mind

These horrors, they try to bring you down
But I have overcome by laying down my crown
Feel the pain and know it is mine too
And I am never far from your soul’s deepest wounds

When I have nothing left, be my strength
When I fall, when I fail, lift my head
Grace of God, see me through, see me through
Peace be with you